It’s Going To Be A Great Year!! 2022

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Here we are in the second week of the new year and it’s time to lay down some goals.

My Token Goals 2022

Last year I had a pretty little chart that showed my token goals and how they were progressing. Some of them I made it, some of them came very close and some of them was just too far out of reach. So this year I’m taking a different approach to what I want and how I plan to get there. There will still be pretty charts and all but that will come later.

Instead of listing out what I want and showing each week what I earned/purchased and how far I had to go, this year I’m looking more at what I want at the time of year, how I plan to get there, and what I accomplish each week.

As for the tokens I like to achieve this year are many and depending on what I’m into at the moment will alter my purchases. On thing I plan is to buy mostly the tokens that I can not earn and earn as much as possible of the tokens that are earnable. I plan to be much more active on the hive platform than I have been in the past.

Right now my focus is heavily on Listnerds and CTP tokens. I’m really into the gaming side of things as I like to spend a lot of time playing games, and on the blockchain it gives me the opportunity to earn crypto while having fun and building my portfolio.

So that also sets my sights on #SPT#SPS#DEC which are all tokens connected to the widely playing game Splinterlands. I’m looking forward to the newest game ChifiBots, with a little interest also in Ragnarok ( another new game).
I also presently olay Rising Star, Rabona, Crypto Brew Master, Dcrops, and a few gams on Wax and Womplay. play #RisingStar#Rabona#CryptoBrewMaster#Dcrops, and a few games on Wax and Womplay. So of course I’ll be building and watching my progress in these games and tokens as well.

You can read more about my goals and how I plan to get there .

Thanks for Reading

It’s a Great Year!!

Charletta Allen aka SuccessChar

#Listnerds #CTP #SPT #SPS #DEC #SplinterLands #Chifibots #Ragnarok #RisingStar #Rabona #CryptoBrewMasters #Dcrops #Wax #Womplay

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